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Top 6 things you can do to improve your chances of conception: 


  1. Exercise- any movement energies (the qi) raise body temperature to promote blood circulation. Your vital energy and circulatory system are your overall health baselines. It hosts all other human systems such as the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the reproductive, and many more. 

  2. Meditation- practice mind-calming exercises and breathing exercises to help reduce stress and anxiety. When you are fatigued, it affects your hormones production and secretion. 

  3. Good sleep- lack of sleep/poor sleep will drain you and also affect normal hormone production and secretion. 

  4. Good nutrition- good nutrition is vital for your overall health. Proper nutrients allow for your body to function well and helps prevent diseases. Combined with exercise, it is important for your mind to stay calm and happy. 

  5. Acupuncture- definitely the most effective alternative medicine practice with no side effects. It stimulates your immune system, blood circulation, and boosts your reproductive system to help with conception.

  6. Herbal medicine/supplements- Chinese herbal medicine is all-natural and has little to no side effects. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is considered the best alternative medicine for infertility. The supplements you take is based on what you need/are recommended by your acupuncturist. 

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