Acupuncture and Herbal medicine prepare IVF Transfer success story.

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

A great new came this afternoon. D sent me a text" It worked" with a smiley face Moji.

38 years old patient had half of her thyroid removed at her teenage year. She is on thyroid medication to control her TSH but her TPO (thyroid anti-body) level is still high. Last IVF transfer, She had a 6AA embryo and a 14.5 mm thickness uterus lining. Unfortunately, It failed. She came to me 4 months ago to prepare this transfer. She used to have trouble to sleep and also low energy. Her job requires high energy and lots of travel. she constantly on the run. Three months of preparation for embryo transfer includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxa and fertility massage. I add some Reiki and guided breathing sometimes after she rests. Two embryo 5AA and 5 AB ( one is mosaic) has been put in her 11 mm uterus lining. We are very happy to announce her pregnancy. It still a long 40 weeks to go and possible she will have a twin. We will continue with the treatment principle of rising her qi, keep her uterus warm, promo blood circulation to delivery the nutrition to the babies. This will prevent miscarriage and better pregnancy care. Congratulation!! #fertilityacupuncture #IVFsupport #IVFtransferacupuncture #chinesemedicine #thyroidinfertility #hoshimo #TTC

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