I just saved them $20,000 for skip IVF. They got pregnant with the help of acupuncture and herbs.

Patient 37 years old, came with 0.66 AMH, 11.2 FSH. Low eggs reserve and quality problem. Glucose and LDL both high and not the optimal thyroid level. After the first consultation, I ask her to get her husband's sperm test done. The results came back made them sad. 0% sperm mobility. So, they borrowed Loan and ready to do the IVF. I advised them to come back months early to prepare themselves physically and emotionally. four visited of acupuncture and months of herbal medicine before the IVF. THEY HAD SURPRISED. She is pregnant. No longer need IVF service. #malefertility #chinesemedicine #fertilityacupuncturist #loweggreserve #fertilitysupport #infertility

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