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There is no other way to put it....Jody is AMAZING!!!!
I had a very hard time getting pregnant. After 6 IUIs ,1 miscarriage, a couple of rounds of Clomid, and thousands of dollars down the drain.....the fertility clinic suggested that I try hormone injections. Although I wanted nothing more to have a baby, the idea of the injections made me very hesitant and unsure. I then began to research holistic treatments for infertility and decided to try out Acupuncture. And I am so happy that I did. When I met Jody she couldn't be nicer or more caring. She made me feel like family. The treatments were very relaxing, and not too long after I began receiving treatments I WAS PREGNANT!!!
I continued to receive treatments all throughout my pregnancy and gave birth to a very healthy and happy baby boy :)
Thank you jody for everything you did for me. You changed my life for the better. My son fills my heart with joy every day and I have you to thank for that :)  - Lori V.  Whittier, CA


I can not say enough good things about Dr. Steele. She is absolutely amazing to work with. I tried about 4 different other acupuncturists locally before finding Dr.Steele and she was the only one who sat down and spent an entire hour explaining to me how Acupunture can help fertility & hope to properly chart my temperature. She is extremely helpful and even gave me permission to text her any time any questions that I have, which I ended up doing several times :) VERY VERY happy to have met her!!Laura A. Chino, CA


After over a year of trying, my husband and I were unable to get pregnant.  Since I wasn't quite open to standard fertility treatments, I sought out an acupuncturist who specialized in female reproductive issues.  Through some internet research, I came across Jodi and thought I'd give acupuncture a try.  
Even though I am terrified of needles and am an anxious person by nature, Jodi was incredibly patient with me.  From the first session, I felt a difference in my overall health and well being.  I figured even if I didn't get pregnant, the amount of stress relief I was feeling and boost in immunity was worth it alone.
Fast forward to 8 months later.  I'm pregnant!  While I can't say for certain this is what did it, I feel like a combination of acupuncture and Jodi's insistence on my cutting back on my crazy work hours and eating regular meals likely helped.
Jodi truly cares about her patients and their health and well being.  She is very warm, friendly and very knowledgeable.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking out acupuncture.Dana R. Yorba Linda, CA


I went & saw Jodi while going through my 2nd round of IVF.. she was AMAZING! So helpful & understanding. She explained everything as I had never done acupuncture before. After seeing her for a few months before my egg retrieval & after my embryo transfer, I now have 7-month-old twins! Honestly, the best thing I could've done, hands down! Thank you Jodi!! - Lauren K  Huntington Beach, CA


I came to see Dr. Steele because she had good reviews on yelp. Let me tell you, they are all true! From the moment I tried to schedule my first appointment with her, she was very accommodating and flexible. From the first appointment with her I felt like I was talking to a friend. She is so caring, always takes her time to help you. At this point I would say she is more than my acupuncturist, she's my friend! Thank you Dr. Steele for all your support and for helping us expand our family. We will always be thankful! I can't wait for our twins to meet you! - Monica V. Rancho Cucamonga, CA


My husband and I tried for about a year to get pregnant without any luck. I was referred to Jody by a friend and thought "what do I have to lose?". Four weeks and four treatments later, we were pregnant! I was new to acupuncture and a little nervous about the needles, but Jody explained the entire process in detail and did a great job at making sure I was comfortable. She is very personable and extremely passionate about her work. It's evident that she cares immensely about each of her patients. 
I'd highly recommend Jody to anyone. -  Queenie P. Pasadena, CA


I came seeking treatment after experiencing two early pregnancy losses. Understandably so, I was feeling very down and Jody was such a ray of sunshine and she approached my health concerns with such knowledge and positivity that I immediately felt better after just one visit. 
 I always felt much better after the treatments and went home feeling refreshed and determined. After a little over a month of seeing Jody we got our positive test! This time it stuck lol! We will now be welcoming a baby October 2017. I can say with almost certainty, that Jody played a big role in getting my mind and body ready for baby. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to get their body back in balance. - Yvette A. Chino, CA


I have been going to Jody for the past 3 years and she's wonderful, kind, and skillful. She really cares about her patients. After every treatment, I feel more refreshed, relaxed, and my symptoms improve significantly. You also get 100% attention from her during your 1 hour appointment unlike some other acupuncture clinics I've been to (who may schedule up to 3 patients at the same time). She's definitely not a fast food clinic trying to turn out more and more patient a day. I really appreciate her great bed side manner and her caring attitude which make you feel she is truly listening to your complaints and discomfort. 
I highly recommend seeing Jody for any of your acupuncture needs. - Yun C. Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Jody Steele is an amazing person. Not only is she very knowledgeable but she is also one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She has helped me get through the most difficult times in my life and has never given up on me. I am now expecting a new bundle of joy and I thank Jody for helping me get to this point. - Carolyn V. Long Beach, CA


I came to see Dr Steele as a last-ditch effort before even considering the harrowing world of infertility treatments. We were trying for years and have been through all tests and meds until my GYN said it's time to consider seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. I've heard of other people's great results with acupuncture so I gave it a shot. Found Jody on Yelp, and set my appointment. 
First off, she will work hard to accommodate you in her schedule. She's very responsive to texting and is willing to answer any and all questions you have. 
Came for the first appointment, and she was exhaustive in explaining the mechanics and details of the treatment plan. She even has charts and other great visuals for references. She was also very realistic about what to expect - that results are directly related to the amount of time and effort you put into the plan. She made me feel very comfortable about what to expect. 
A whole cycle later (4 weekly sessions), and we got our first positive pregnancy test. After months and months of getting negatives, we are finally pregnant. She was even the first person I texted about the results! We are now 15 weeks in, and she still checks on me every now and then. 
Jody is supportive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Steele for acupuncture services, esp for fertility-related issues. - Chel G. Diamond Bar, CA


Jody is absolutely amazing! My husband and I were trying for about a year and a half. I was looking for natural assistance in getting pregnant and found her on yelp. She explained everything and made sure I was comfortable with not only what would be required of me, but that I was comfortable with her as well. 
After about two months of working with Jody weekly, I was pregnant! I, unfortunately, had a miscarriage and Jody was ready, when I was, to start again. Within a couple of week of starting to try and seeing Jody, I was pregnant. 
Jody is knowledgeable in her practice and is always searching to learn more to improve her practice to help her patients. She is so positive and really cares for her patients and it shows in every interaction. She not only does the acupuncture but educates you on what she is doing and why provides guidance on what to do at home, and gives you questions to ask of your medical doctor.  Acupuncture for fertility can become a large expense, but she works with you and is absolutely worth the expense! 
I  tell everyone who has issues getting pregnant about Jody!- Natasha G.Chino, CA


Jody is great and helped my husband and I conceived! She is always encouraging and does everything she can to help you conceive. I am so grateful to have found her. My husband and I welcomed our baby in October!- Danielle R.Whittier, CA


I was very lucky with my first child, pregnant just after my honeymoon! It was only natural to think my second would be just as easy. My husband and I started trying when my first turned 6 months...2 years later and we're still not pregnant. 
When I moved back to CA, I started visiting endocrinologists, fertility massage therapists, and herbal experts with no luck. When I found Dr Jody, I was not very hopeful but I noticed right away that she was different from other Chinese Medicine doctors. Dr Jody asked for my blood analysis (which I did via my primary doctor) and in our first session, she found 2 issues my endocrinologist missed. She wanted to know the root of my problems before coming up with a treatment plan. She listened to my issues, analyzed my daily temperature readings and provided effective herbs to boost my fertility. Dr Jody would even text me midweek to follow up on my progress. 
After each session with Dr Jody, I instantly felt relaxed. This journey takes patience and each individual is different. At one point in the middle of our treatment, I went to my endocrinologist for a quick fix and was prescribed Clomid but in the end it resulted in growth on my ovaries and I had to miss a month of trying to conceive. When I went back to Dr Jody, she was consistent in her approach and we continued my treatment...2 months later I got pregnant! 
The best part about going to Dr Jody is the support we get, not only from her but all the other patients going through the same issues. Dr Jody hosts quarterly support groups where we come and listen and tell our story. It really shows that she cares for every one of us. - Jo S. Los Angeles, CA


What can I say about my sweet Jody? She is nothing short of amazing! 
She is super knowledgeable and relatable. She is thorough from the very first visit. 
Of course, everyone is different and will have different results. She is well versed with the most common infertility issues. As it should be, she recommends all of the natural and holistic approaches to what the underlying issue could be. 
I walked in to see her after receiving a recommendation from my mommy squad. Two of my mommy gals had success after treatment with Jody. So of course after 2.5 years of trying for our second child with no success, I knew I had to see her ASAP! 
My first visit was April 2, I found out I was pregnant May 3!!! I did everything she recommended and I just couldn't believe it happened so quickly! 
Our little prince arrived on December 26, 2018. Like a true gift 
10 stars for my sweet Jody!!! - Reena S. Chino Hills, CA


I came to see Jody for my infertility issue without expecting much.
I'm not her patient that only takes 1 or 2 months.  
It was a quiet journey for me with Jody.
With my age and sad history in my life, I have so many obstacles to overcome before I can get pregnant.
This is just my personal choice.  
I don't want to hurry myself to get pregnant while I'm not in good shape so I stick with the natural approach.
Before I came to Jody, I was losing hope of getting pregnant.  
I was angry.  I was not in a good place.
I remember first time speaking to her, she said: "The only time you don't have hope is when you give up".
She gave me hope.  She patiently listened to me, let me pour my heart out.
So I understand sometimes a patient can take longer seeing Jody.  Infertility is not easy to talk about.
Unless you have very supportive friends, which I don't, you can be very alone in this journey.
I brought all my lab test results and medical history.  
We went through it carefully. She found things and made some suggestions.  
Besides her treatments and herbs, I seriously change my lifestyle to a healthy approach.
I diligently logged my BBT per her instructions.  
It helped her to monitor where I was in my cycle and not all the time good.  But she worked with me every week.  She knows what she's doing.  
After a long journey, I'm finally pregnant.  
I'm still in my first trimester as I write this review.
Jody is a friend.  She knows what she's doing in providing treatments.
She made sure we are not alone.  She holds a support group event once a while.
She is in this not for pure business.  
She really wants to help.  Let her treat you, pray and be patient. - Slp T. Ontario, CA


Ladies,  if you are in need of acupuncture (and let's face it, who isn't?), please give doctor Jody a try.  She is knowledgeable, patient and has a natural-born empathy toward her clients.  I mean it, she really cares about the person in front of her, and not just as a patient.  As a person.  She works hard to find solutions to complicated medical problems.  Her true passion is infertility and that is where her expertise really shows.  She does a ton of research to supplement the acupuncture session with knowledge and data.  She does not just stick the needles in and sees you the next time.  She is really invested and goal-oriented.  She is kind, positive and empathetic.  And that is why people go back to her again and again.
Thank you, Jody, for all you do! - Laura S. Yorba Linda, CA


Jody is one of the most dedicated and caring acupuncturists you can find. Not only is her deep knowledge of everything reproductive-related extremely helpful through my fertility journey, but her constant communication and advice throughout my IVF also resulted in the first positive pregnancy I've ever had in my life! 

I would highly recommend that you use Jody's services. Not just for IVF but for getting pregnant naturally and helping to balance hormones, Jody has been able to help many people finally get their rainbow babies!! - Julia W. Long Beach, CA


Jody is a professional and caring acupuncturist. She helped me truly understand my cycle and equipped me with the support and knowledge to participate in natural family planning with my husband. I became pregnant after three months of treatment and coaching from Jody. She encouraged me to advocate for my self when talking to my obgyn doctors. I would highly recommend her. - Allison L.

Westmont, Pomona, CA


I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Jody Steele and her Fertility Angel Acupuncture practice! If you are struggling with infertility and have not tried acupuncture, it is a must! And don't use just any acupuncturist - please consider Dr. Jody in particular.


What makes Dr. Jody stands apart from the acupuncture crowd is her specific focus on fertility issues. She combines both eastern and western medicine to diagnose what she believes is the root of the problem and then guides you towards your goals with a holistic solution.


Not only do you get a traditional acupuncture needle session, Dr. Jody also uses moxabustion for improved circulation/body warmth in every treatment. Patients are also encouraged to use moxa at home for greater effectiveness! Chinese herbs are recommended based on your particular needs, including ones for men to help enhance sperm quantity/quality.


Dr. Jody also reviews your medical records/bloodwork to ensure nothing has been missed by a fertility doctor. Sometimes she makes recommendations for additional tests or to redo bloodwork if it's been a while. She offers a discounted program with a home lab kit company to assist if your doctor won't rerun the test / it's not covered by insurance. Dr. Jody looks at the full picture of your fertility journey to ensure your care is comprehensive and you have the greatest chances of success!


When I met Dr. Jody, I had just completed failed IVF transfer #1 . We had a consultation and I immediately knew she was the person to help me as we continued on our fertility journey. Beyond the medical side, Dr. Jody saw all my internal angst/emotional struggle and became an instant "life coach". She helped me process my feelings about the failed transfer/loss, figure out what I wanted for the next step in my journey, and had me refocus on my goals with positive energy.


Dr. Jody helped prepare me for my second transfer and also encouraged me to recheck my thyroid levels since it had been almost a year. We got the results the day of my transfer and found out my TSH was way too high. My IVF doc started meds right away but unfortunately, it takes a while to build up in your system and it was too late by the time we discovered the issue to impact the results of transfer #2. That transfer was also a failure but because of Jody's insistence on redoing my bloodwork, we at least uncovered a change in hormones and started to address it with proper medication.


From there my husband and I had to start over with new egg retrieval. This time, we worked with Jody the entire way. She helped prepare my and my husband's body with Chinese herbs and even did an acupuncture session on my hubby the day before the retrieval so his deposit was the best it could be! We got two solid embryos from the retrieval which we put in a few months later, all the while continuing acupuncture with Jody and getting her advice/encouragement on how this was the transfer that would change our lives forever!


We did IVF Transfer #3 at the end of July 2021 and found out in early August that I was finally PREGNANT! And not just with one baby - but with TWINS!!! I am currently almost 9 months pregnant and ready to meet my baby girls in just 3 weeks. I've continued to see Jody once a month throughout my pregnancy to keep my body/mind in good order and I still look forward to every appointment!


I have no doubt in my mind that I was supposed to find Dr. Jody on my fertility journey and that she is a big part of what assisted us in finally achieving our goals. She's helped me immensely on a mental, emotional, and physical level. Over the last 1.5 years, Dr. Jody has become a huge support system in my life and at the end of the day, a true friend. Her wisdom, guidance, and unwavering belief that I'd become a mother has gotten me through some of my toughest days and pushed me to move forward.


Infertility is really a crappy experience. It's not for the faint of heart. When you want to give up you have to keep going. When you wonder if you'll ever get your happy ending, you have to shut out the noise and focus on the positive. And most importantly, you need an incredible support system around you to help get you through the darkest days.


Dr. Jody has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and one of the most important cogs in my wheel of support during this IVF journey. My husband and I cannot thank Dr. Jody enough for all she's done and are forever grateful for how she's enriched our lives. Thank you so much for helping to make our dream a double reality!


Dr. Jody is so many things! A holistic healer. A wizard of acupuncture. A gift to the world of infertility. A true Fertility Angel.


If you are searching for an acupuncturist to assist you on your fertility journey, look no further than Fertility Angel Acupuncture Center!   -Rachel D, Yorba Linda, CA

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